Merry Christmas


I’ve been away for a spell. Part of the reason was that I was helping Donna Lucas test the digital edition of Video Watchdog. The testing process was over the entire month of November and was as equally arduous as it was fantastic.

That is finished now and the final product is available from the video watchdog site and I urge all fans of horror, science fiction, and fantastic films in general to head on over there and make a purchase or six!

So, the big day is less than 48 hours away. I do know some of the delights that await me. I will be receiving many things from those wonderful people at Arrow Video including The Vincent Price 6 film set, Night of the Comet, Mark of the Devil, and the steel book of Shivers, so expect reviews of those shortly after the big day.

I just want to say thanks to all those that have viewed this blog in 2014. I appreciate that posts have been ‘spotty’ in terms of regularity and that is something that I aim to correct in 2015 with between 2-5 new pages per week (I have to leave some time for watching and reading).

Have a great Christmas. I hope you all stay safe and get what your heart desires and I shall see you all back here in the new year.

God bless us all, everyone of us 😉

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