“Shivers” Arrow Video Steel book blu ray review


shivers 001

Shivers (1975) dir: David Cronenberg

Ok, I’m not going to pretend I’m not disappointed. Anyone that reads this blog (both of you) will know that I love the work that Arrow do and there will be many Arrow reviews in the coming days. However, they have dropped the ball with this one.

‘Shivers’ is a film I’ve loved since I was 11 years old. I had the old Intervision VHS in my possession and upgraded it many years later with the Metrodrome DVD. I was so looking forward to this blu ray that I included it on my Christmas list in September. Sadly I discovered the issues with it too late to cancel.

Lets get the big issue out of the way first. This disc is cut. Between 18-20 seconds of gore have been exorcised from this print. A print, apparently approved by David Cronenberg, who later admitted he did not watch the whole print through. In my opinion, which is generally worthless, this makes this disc of the film equally worthless. It looks better that the DVD I already have, not by a huge amount it has to be said, but it’s still worthless.

The rest of the package is flawless which makes the missing seconds even more difficult to take. The steel book itself is wonderful. Two different images, one from the UK ‘Shivers’ and a second on the rear from the US ‘It Came From Within’ are both lovely. The booklet, with images from the normal ‘non steel book’ are great as are the writing and interviews.

The extras are fantastic. As well as the aforementioned booklet we have a brand new documentary about the making of ‘Shivers’, A programme from Canadian television about the making of the film,  plus much, much more.

But in the end, without a complete version of the film, I feel this is an empty release.

I hope, against hope, that Arrow are able to release a BD of the uncut film to go with the superb package that they have provided with it but as someone who’s loved ones have paid out the £25 (or thereabouts) for this disc in steel book I feel quite let down, which is unusual for me with a disc from Arrow.

Summing up, the extras, the booklet, and the overall presentation is top notch but with a cut version of the film I sadly cannot recommend it.

Come on, Arrow, get us a replacement disc. Please?

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